With the evolution of technology, we have reached the mobile-first world and voice search queries. Gone are the days when people have to write on the google search box to raise any query. Now almost 75 % of people use voice search for any query. It is a more efficient and easy way for common people to use the internet.

If you have not added voice search optimization in your SEO strategy yet, it’s time to do that to appear for the larger audience and to get rank on the first page of Search Engine result pages.

We bring out here the Six essential factors to consider in voice search optimization

  1. Understand your device behavior and customer type

To reach the potential customers and generate leads through voice search, Marketers have to take a deep study about the type of customer and their behavior.

Complete research on customer insights and Real-time data can help marketers to understand how different people use voice search and what type of device they are using for voice search. 

The algorithm of voice search uses the device location, data, and several other factors to understand the search context.

  1. Focus on the long tail and conversational Keywords.

 As per the reports of PWC, about 75% of people use Google voice assistance to search for any query. It is always easy to speak then write for the consumers. People never mind speaking longer to get their query results. Keep in mind what customers can speak for their queries, we should always focus on the long tail and conversational keywords.

  1. Use Schema markup with each context

Schema markup is one of the best techniques to appear in the search results especially when the queries are done by voice search.  Schema markup is a simple HTML code that helps search engines to know about the context of your content.

This HTML add-on makes google understand the content easily and is a great way to add additional information to the website.

So, if you have not added the schema markup to your website, consult today with one of the best Voice Search Optimization Agency.

  1. Add FAQs Page to your website

To optimize your website for the voice search, always make FAQs pages to your website and try to cover all the queries which may be raised by the customers.

The websites with FAQs pages are considered to be more user friendly and have more chances to rank higher on Google results.

Make sure your website has a  FAQ page that answers all the queries of the customers.

  1. Create content based on compelling persona

For optimizing your website for the voice search, take care of the context, brevity, and relevance, It is different.

  • We should focus on the following points:
  • Create a clear answer for the simple questions
  • Make detailed answers to the questions
  • Try to give answers to every common question and solve the queries raised by voice search.

Tip-Start your page with a common question as a headline and answer after the question or add a piece of short information at the top. Use the rest of the page for further information and detail about the topic. 

  1. Think about local search and mobile devices.

As we are in a mobile-first world, and wherever we go, we have our mobile phones.  So, it is very important to keep in mind that mobile and local go hand in hand.  In the case of voice search, it is a very essential factor to perform on the local queries.

For the optimization of voice search, we should focus on the location of mobile phones, and XML sitemaps should be readable to search engines and visitors of your website.

Make your website optimized for “near me” types of search.

Voice search is clearly moving forward and we can’t ignore this trend to exist in this competitive marketing world.  

If you have not yet optimized your website with voice search, start working on it today.

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